What I am going to tell you may seem unbelievable. The basic fact is that we are being lied to about every important issue confronting our lives and well-being.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

This may sound like I am globalizing. Maybe you can find an issue we are not being lied to about; I can’t. This site is dedicated to demonstrating how this is true, by providing the abundant well-documented evidence.

The obvious reason for this deception is to protect and enhance corporate profits and to increase the reach of corporate power.

Besides the use of disinformation (lies), sophisticated psychological techniques are employed in most of the communications we get from the mass media. These utilize well established methods that you can easily learn about.

In order to compete effectively in today’s political and corporate worlds, it is necessary to use the manipulative public relations industry.

The one thing that could possibly overcome the grip that the public relations industry has on people’s minds is for an understanding of PR techniques to become widespread. When clearly understood, PR tactics almost seem laughable.

The purpose of this site is to alert the public. For the needed exposure to happen, we must look carefully at “the man behind the curtain,” and bring his activities to the attention of the voting public.