Media Ownership by Gizmodo

The mass media is at the very core of our society. It is the source of our information and entertainment, and a major force in the creation of our opinions and values. Yet, the media is owned by a handful of ultra wealthy corporations that are concerned with  profits and power.  They use the media to shape public opinion to conform to their agendas. Their vision is neither egalitarian nor democratic.

Many people are working passionately to solve the problems facing the world today. However, there is massive confusion. Great numbers of people are voting against their own self-interest on issues affecting all of our lives. Activists are routinely blindsided by a force that is invisible to them. Yet, an investigation of the possibility that our primary sources of information are strategically slanted to support the interests of the wealthy is just too terrifying to consider.

Through the use of the modern science of public relations (PR), people have been routinely persuaded to support the interests of the corporate class. The interests of the owning class versus the rest of society are fundamentally opposed; yet, voters routinely elect representatives who support their exploiters.

A major strategy today is to fragment our society. This divide and conquer approach is being implemented to create ever tighter social controls. Neither the conservative nor liberal media inform citizens of the real threats to our freedom and well-being.

The two wings of the media each broadcast substantially different accounts of events and the people involved in them. Considerable rancor and sarcasm is employed by both sides. When neighbors attempt to discuss political issues, they polarize. Divide and conquer is the name of the game.

Those who are attempting to “wake people up” are often unable to reach the segments of the population that they need to educate. Although the “voices of the choir” sing ever louder, we continue the environmental and economic slide we are on, while our tax-supported military machine rages on throughout the planet.

This site is designed to be a center for information concerning how PR functions, as well as what might be done to communicate with a disinformed population that is being manipulated for the sake of an elite few.