Many people are working hard to solve the problems facing the world today. However, there is massive confusion. Great numbers of people are voting against their self-interest on issues affecting all aspects of all our lives.

Through the use of the modern science of public relations (PR), people are routinely persuaded to support the interests of the exploitative corporate class. The interests of the owning class and the working class are fundamentally opposed, yet working people routinely elect representatives who support corporate agendas while ignoring their own.

Those who are attempting to “wake people up” are seldom reaching the segments of the population that need to change the way they vote. Although the “voices of the choir” sing ever louder, we continue the environmental and economic slide we are on, while our wars rage throughout the planet.

This site is designed to be a clearinghouse for information concerning how  PR functions and what might be done to reach those who are mesmerized into supporting their exploiters.

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